News - Ten years on: how has the Supreme Court fared? Frederic Reynold QC (Counsel Magazine)

- Frederic Reynold QC

Frederic Reynold QC has written an article in Counsel Magazine entitled "Ten years on: how has the Supreme Court fared?".

An assessment of the court’s performance in decision-making delivered over its first ten years; and what bearing, if any, the Article 50 and Prorogation cases have on the big picture.

Recent events have conspired to make the end of the first decade in the history of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom rather memorable: one must guard against the obvious danger of the judgment and reaction to that judgment in the prorogation case helping to create a rather distorted picture. A Times columnist wondered whether this was a turning point, when we were ‘heading to an American style system’ and a Sunday Times columnist had no doubt that the judgment reflected a ‘fundamentally political decision.’ (Some of the reaction expressed in the media and by certain politicians betrayed a level of ignorance which was both stupefying and depressing.) However, such comments that I have quoted, and comments on similar lines expressed in editorials in certain newspapers, serve to remind one of the fears expressed by those who had argued against the creation of a supreme court once its creation had become part of the policy of the Labour government in June 2003.

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